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      Central nervous system medication

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      English name: Donepezil Hydrochloride
      Chemical name: 2,3-Dihydro-5,6-dimethoxy-2-[[1-(phenylmethyl)-4-piperidinyl]methyl]-1H-inden-1-one hydrochloride
      Category involved: bulk pharmaceutical chemicals
      Structural type:
      CAS#: 120011-70-3
      Molecular formula: C24H29NO.3.HCl
      Molecular weight: 415.95
      Quality standard: Comply with the standards of in-house
      Application: This product is used for the treatment of mild or moderate Alzheimer\'s dementia symptoms.
      Storage condition: Room temperature storage, heat proof, moisture proof.
      Packaging specifications: 5 KGS/bottle, packed with an aluminum bottle, wrapped with cardboard box, lined with two layers of plastic film bags.