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      We have established a standard solid waste storage site, low-temperature plasma exhaust gas treatment system, activated carbon fiber solvent recovery unit and wastewater treatment system with the processing capacity of 3,000 tons / day;

      The company regularly allocates and replaces qualified labor protection products for the staff, and installs the eyewash equipment, toxic gas alarm and other occupational protection facilities in the workplace;

      The production areas and office areas are equipped with fire-fighting facilities. The company annually organizes the staff to participate in fire-fighting drills, treatment of dangerous situations and other on-site simulation trainings;

      The special equipment in the production areas is installed with the safety valves, pressure gauges, thermometers, limiters and other safety devices; the specifically-assigned person is arranged for inspection and maintenance.

      The hazardous chemicals and hazardous processes with key supervision are installed self-controlled interlock devices; and it is directly access to the local public security system network, so that the local public security department can carry out real-time monitoring.

      Highly toxic product storage warehouse, safeguard doors and monitoring centers are installed with video surveillance, intrusion alarm, patrol and other technical prevention system;

      The company arranges occupational health examination for new staff and staff in the post every year; Regularly arrange the staff to participate in occupational safety and health, environmental protection-related training.