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      The national hotline
      service hotline

      East Asia refines each product


      Achieve good, and aim to create more value for customers

      High-content, cost-saving

      The chemical raw material ingredients of East Asia are higher than ordinary market products, which can help customers save more cost


      Less impurities, strong quality

      Due to excellent purification capacity, East Asia products have less impurities, so the customer's product quality is also higher


      Direct processing, simplify matters

      The base materials of East Asia are produced through multi-layer monitoring, and customers can be directly used for processing, which saves more time and trouble


      Multi-choice, customized

      East Asia has its own research and development team and production lines, and provides customers' demand with more customized options


      Concentration, value achievement
      East Asian Pharmaceutical

      Zhejiang East Asia Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., was founded in 1992, headquartered in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, now with more than 1,000 employees, with total assets of RMB 1.3 billion. It has successively obtained titles, such as "national high-tech enterprise"... 【MORE】

      • 浙江東亞藥業有限公司
      • 浙江東亞藥業有限公司
      • 浙江東亞藥業有限公司
      • 浙江東亞藥業有限公司
      • 浙江東亞藥業有限公司
      • 浙江東亞藥業有限公司